5 Things You Can Do to Settle Into Your New Home

After the Move, Moving Tips

Whether you’ve recently purchased your first home, are finally settling into a forever home, or have simply found a more ideal rental home, the application, purchase, leasing and moving process can sometimes be all-consuming. So much so, that many people experience an uncertain period immediately after moving in – after weeks or months of having so much to do to prepare, what could possibly be left?

How Can You Settle In After Moving?

Fortunately, the weeks after moving into a new home come with no shortage of tasks to ensure your smooth, successful move reaches completion. In addition, it’s important that you and your family settle in and feel truly at home.

This brief list of tasks can help you prepare to settle into your new home regardless of which stage of the process you are in:

  • Check on Your Address Change. Most new homeowners and renters don’t forget their address has changed; however, sometimes, the sheer amount of services and mailing lists that will need an updated address from you can be overwhelming. The most comprehensive way to change your address is to fill out a change of address form at the post office. Then, make sure you change your official address with your bank, credit card servicers, and all utility providers.
  • Transfer Your Services. If you can, having your utility services already in place when you move into your new home can have the place seeming like home much more quickly. Be sure to contact electric, gas, water, trash, cable, internet, and phone providers so these providers can resume service as quickly as possible.

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  • Establish a Routine. Whether you realized it or not your routine was one of the things that made your last place feel like home. If you can, transfer as much of this routine to the new place and address any necessary changes as soon as possible. The quicker you can feel like moving around in your new residence is second nature, the quicker you’ll identify it as home.
  • Explore the Neighborhood. Whether you’re solo or have moved with pets or children, exploring your new neighborhood is essential to truly feeling at home there. Find potential favorite spots such as a dog park or playground, meet the neighbors, take a peek at the school assigned to the neighborhood, look for service providers like salons and grocery stores, and more.
  • Relax. After the hustle and bustle of moving, it is more important than ever to relax. Your home should be the place you feel the most comfortable and establishing it as a relaxing retreat from the rest of the world is key.

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