Moving In Fall Could Be The Best Time To Move

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Fall is a great time to move! The rush of families needing to move before the start of school is over and people are feeling like they are finally settled from the busyness of the warm summer months.  If you’ve never thought of moving in the Fall, here are some considerations why Fall may be the best time of year to move.


Flexibility Of Timing For Your Move

With the summer moving rush over, moving companies have much more flexibility with their schedules. Meaning you have a greater chance of moving around your schedule…not around the moving company’s schedule. During the summer months, moving companies can be weeks out from being able to schedule your move. In the Fall, you may be able to schedule within a week or two. If you only have a few items to move that will only take an hour or so, the moving company may be able to schedule for the next day.

Reduced Rates of Moving Services

Because a moving company’s busy season is slowing down, you may be able to negotiate a lower price. Moving companies want to have a full schedule so there will be more competition between moving companies to get your business. It never hurts to ask for a reduced rate or discount.

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The Weather Tends to Be Nicer

Fall gives you the perfect balance between the warm and cold weather. The only downside is that fall weather can also be unpredictable.  Rain can be an unexpected obstacle so make sure you keep up with the weather forecast and prepare accordingly. Click Here for some other tips to moving in poor weather. Link

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You Can Be Moved Before The

Holiday Rush Arrives

Everyone loves the holiday season but having to add a move during this time takes the joy right out of it. Moving in the Fall, particularly before Thanksgiving, means you have time to get unpacked and settled before the holiday season hits in full force. The more time you have to prepare for the holidays, the easier it will be to have family and friends over and introduce them to your new home. A holiday open house is particularly fun and a great way to meet your new neighbors, too.

Moving to a new home can be extremely stressful. If you want a more stress-less moving option, consider a move in the Fall. Just a little planning and organization can help you save money, move when you want to move, have better weather, and gives you time to look forward to the holiday season. It could be the perfect move for you!

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