4 Tips for Moving in Poor Weather

Moving Tips

Moving is one of those projects where it’s easy to feel like everything that can go wrong does go wrong, from miss-timing to issues with utility connections to moving and hauling everything to your new home. When moving day finally arrives, one of the worst issues to encounter is terrible weather. If it rains or snows on moving day, you don’t need to put all your plans on hold, however. A few tips can make moving possible and a bit more bearable in the bad weather.

Prep Your New Home Ahead of Time

If you have the opportunity to do some staging at your new home before you move, take time to lay down some protective coverings on your floors that can prevent mud and water from being tracked all over the house. You can also leave cleaning supplies ahead of time as well as other moving accessories like furniture pads to make getting into your new place in bad weather more manageable.

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Protect Your Belongings

Once you determine that lousy weather will appear during your move, it’s a good idea to protect your stuff as best as you can. You can cover your furniture with plastic sheeting to prevent rain or snow from damaging it, and you could opt for plastic totes instead of cardboard boxes for packing smaller items. Extra-large trash bags are also great to have on hand for moving in the snow, sleet, or rain.

Streamline Your Move as Much as Possible

Bad weather will only make things worse if you don’t prepare appropriately for your move. Try to start packing nonessential items as far in advance as you can and consider renting a storage unit or moving “pod” to keep these items safe until you can bring them into your new home. On the day of your move, make sure you can get your moving truck as close to the new house as possible. Be careful not to damage the truck or anything on your property, but you typically want to be as close as possible to the easiest ingress of your new home, so moving goes quickly in the bad weather. 

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Call Professional Movers

Ultimately, moving can be incredibly stressful even in great weather. Whether you have lots of heavy items that require multiple people to move or a load of smaller containers that would take forever to carry into your new home on your own, calling professional movers can make moving during any kind of weather easier and faster.

Perrysburg Moving & Hauling offers professional moving services that are available in all types of bad weather. We understand how difficult it can be to handle a move during snow, sleet, rain, or high winds, and we have the experience and tools to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible under challenging conditions. 

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