Moving Timeline: Why You Need One and How to Create It

Moving Timeline, Moving Tips

Moving into a new home is an exciting, promising opportunity for you and your family. But it also tends to be extremely stressful. The sheer amount of mental and physical work required for a move means your eager enthusiasm for change can quickly dissolve into tension and uncertainty.

From finding your new home to organizing and packing your things to getting moved in, there is an extensive amount of planning, coordinating, and preparing necessary for a successful move. This type of plan can make you feel anxious and overwhelmed even in the best of times, transforming this new adventure into a nightmare.

Don’t be intimidated! With careful, thorough planning, you can break your move down into smaller, practical tasks, alleviating stress, and guaranteeing that you remember everything. Check out our moving timeline below to ensure your move will be as hassle-free as possible.

Six Weeks Before You Move

  • Choose a moving option. Decide whether you can get by with help from friends or family or if you need to hire professionals.
  • Research moving companies. If you’re going with a professional, ask around or check online for reputable companies and create a realistic budget.
  • Make an inventory of your belongings. Categorize based on what you want to keep, what can be sold online or at a yard sale, and what you can donate to a local charity.

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One Month Before You Move

  • Change your address. Notify banks, credit card companies, utility companies, insurance providers, and friends and family. Set up mail forwarding online through the post office.
  • Gather packing supplies and start packing. Collect sturdy cardboard boxes, packing tape, and permanent markers. Begin packing away non-essential items you won’t be needing within the next month. Pack items room by room, placing heavier objects on the bottom and lighter ones on top. Make sure to clearly label everything and mark boxes as fragile or heavy when appropriate.
  • Rent a moving truck. If you’re moving without help from professionals, now is the time to rent your moving truck. Do some comparison shopping for the best deal.

Two Weeks Before You Move

  • Create a moving checklist. Make a list of all the boxes and pieces of furniture that you’re moving to ensure everything goes in the right place, and you miss nothing.
  • Continue packing.

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One Week Before You Move

  • Clean your previous home. Keep your security deposit and be considerate of the next residents. Don’t forget to scrub appliances, including the fridge and freezer.
  • Clean your new home. An empty house is the easiest to clean, so it’s best to do this before your move-in day.

Moving is rarely simple or easy, but following the moving timeline above ensures you will be adequately prepared every step of the way. If you’re ready to schedule your move with experienced professionals, contact Perrysburg Moving today!

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