4 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

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Moving is a divisive topic for many Americans. While many people dread the thought of packing up their entire lives into boxes and schlepping them to a new house, they enjoy with equal measure the thought of unpacking and setting up their new digs exactly the way they want. While unpacking and settling into a new home can be fun and rewarding, the moving process itself is often taxing and stressful. To help, here are a few useful tips and hacks for a stress-free move.

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Move in Stages

Depending on how much time you have before you move to plan accordingly, this tip can be tremendously helpful. If time and your situation allow, packing and setting up your move in stages makes the process easier.

Start by packing up your nonessential items and stuff in storage and getting it ready to move. Most of this stuff may go straight into storage at your new place, so this can be an easy way to get into the swing of moving. Work your way through the rest of your stuff by priority, saving your daily essentials for last.

Take Time to Downsize

As you pack your belongings, you’re bound to find items, clothing, appliances, and other random stuff that you don’t need or simply don’t want anymore. If there’s anything you can let go before you move, let it go. Consider donating items whenever possible or host a garage sale to get rid of old but serviceable items and make a bit of extra cash before you move. Ultimately, the less stuff you have to pack, the easier packing will be, and fewer boxes to move will certainly lower your stress level when moving day finally arrives.

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Get Organized

The internet is full of incredibly clever tips, tricks, and organizing hacks that can make your move much easier. Whether you have several closets full of carefully arranged outfits or a curated collection of hobby items to move, you’re bound to find a hack that can help you reduce the space these items occupy. Taking time to do this ahead of your move not only helps make moving out of your old place easier, but also sets you up to ensure your new home is well organized from day one.

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Hire Professional Movers

Working with a professional moving crew can be a fantastic investment that completely eliminates the stress of moving. All you need to worry about is how much fun you’ll have unpacking and rearranging everything just right in your new place.

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