3 Box-Labeling Tips to Simplify Your Move

Moving Tips

When you’re making a move, it is vital to keep your belongings organized from start to finish. Your moving boxes all look the same, and you don’t want everything to arrive at your new home with no indication of which boxes belong in which rooms. It will take you a while to unpack and get settled in, and you may need items from certain boxes before you get around to actually unpacking them. For this reason, consider which items you may need first, and label boxes accordingly, so that you can easily find the things you need. Keep these three box-labeling tips in mind as you pack to make things easier on yourself when you arrive at your new home.

Color Coding

It is easy to keep your belongings organized by assigning a color to each room. Label each box with a waterproof marker in the corresponding color, so that the boxes go directly to the room they belong in as they arrive. There are many ways to get creative with this method besides colored markers. Color coded dot stickers are a great tool for keeping boxes organized, and some movers choose to use colored tape on the boxes. However, be careful not to create more work for yourself by taping boxes shut.

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Label All Sides of Boxes

Many people make the mistake of only labeling one side of a box when they are moving. This creates a problem once boxes are unloaded from the truck, as boxes need to be turned and searched for movers to know which room they belong in. If you take an extra moment to label each side of the boxes you pack, you will save time and hassle when unloading the boxes at your new place.

Try a Number System

For the truly organized mover, a number system is the most efficient way to keep track of where items are when you need them. Integrating a system of numbered boxes along with color coding is the best way to stay organized. Keep a master list of each box number and what items are in the box, so that you won’t have to open multiple boxes in any given room just to find your toothpaste or water glasses.

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When you take the time to organize your boxes properly before the move, you will save yourself undue stress as you settle into your new home. For help in ensuring a smooth and easy move, reach out to Perrysburg Moving today. We are here to help make the moving process as stress-free as possible for you.

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