Tips for Moving in the Rain without Muddying Your House


April showers may bring May flowers, but PerrysburgToledo, and the entire NW Ohio/SE Michigan area still gets its fair share of precipitation in June.. Many families choose to move in the spring and summer months to take advantage of the nice weather, but storms are unpredictable, and it may not be possible to change your moving day to avoid a rainy forecast. If you’re forced to move in the rain, a few easy tips can help make the process much easier.

Use the Right Equipment

Wearing a poncho or some type of water-resistant jacket can help you stay dry while moving in and out of the rain. Whatever type of rain covering you wear, make sure it does not restrict your vision or your movement; if you cannot see or move correctly while carrying something heavy, you could unintentionally injure yourself or others. Slip and fall injuries are also very common during moves.

Heavy-duty, non-slip boots can reduce the chances of a slip and fall accident as well as keep you dry and comfortable. Safety is the most important thing to remember when moving, and moving in the rain means worrying about more than throwing your back out lifting a couch. The equipment you wear can mean the difference between a less-than-ideal but injury-free move and a trip to the emergency room.

Protect Important Items

If you’re forced to carry valuable items through the rain, use standard garbage bags to cover them while outside. You may even want to wrap the boxes you need to carry through the rain in plastic bags and label them with a large permanent marker; your rain prevention measures could also help you organize your move!

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Coordinate Your Move-In

Want to spare your new home from muddy footprints? Consider the layout of your home and choose the largest room closest to the entrance. Lay down a tarp or drop cloth or some other covering to protect the floor and have your moving team unload everything in this one spot. You could even work out a team system where some of your helpers bring stuff in from the moving truck while the others meet them at the door to take the items where they belong. Either option is better than having your wet moving team trying to shuffle past one another to move everything into your new home.

Moving in the rain is never ideal, but not everyone can wait for better weather before starting their transition. These tips can help you and your moving team have a more efficient and ultimately more comfortable moving process despite the wet weather.

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