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4 Recommendations for Choosing an Internet Service Provider for Your New Place

If you’re moving into a new place, your internet service is likely on the top of the priorities list. Especially when so many of us are working from home or learning in an online school, even a slight delay in getting your internet set up can be significant. Check out our recommendations for choosing an… View Article
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Should You Move Appliances? Here’s What to Consider

The appliances you use every day are likely some of the most essential and expensive items in your home. If you’ve decided to move, consider whether it is in your best interest to move your appliances with you or leave them and purchase replacements. Consider the following factors when asking, “Should you move appliances?” Weight… View Article
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What Not to Pack – Your Movers May Not Be Able to Move These Five Items

Professional local movers are good at what they do. Need a hand with the heavy lifting? Having trouble maneuvering that couch through your front door? Puzzled on how to perfectly fit everything into the truck? Movers are there in all these situations – and more. There are some things that movers, for one reason or… View Article
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5 Moving Tips for Seniors

When people choose to settle down into a home, thoughts of moving back out are seldom on their minds. But as you approach your golden years, you might find that the space you have now isn’t the space you want anymore. You might be looking to go somewhere with additional assistance and support, to move… View Article
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Office Moves Can Be Tricky—Don’t Go It Alone

Office moves can be a daunting experience. The process is quite a bit more complicated than moving belongings to a new home or apartment. Relocating an office involves the planning and physical exertion of moving office furniture, files, computer systems, and security systems for you and your employees. All this—while you continue to operate your… View Article
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Your Move-In Cleaning Checklist

Before you move into a new home, it is essential to perform a thorough cleaning. This is the best time to clean, as your house is empty and you do not have to worry about rearranging your furniture. Make sure your home is spotless and ready for your family by following the move-in cleaning checklist… View Article
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Five of the Most Common Moving Mistakes (and How You Can Avoid Them)

Moving can be a stressful process—as you’d expect for an event that requires you to pack up every single item you own and move it across town (or across the country). However, many issues can be avoided with proper planning. To help your move go smoothly, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most… View Article
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3 Tips for Professionally Giving Your Notice at Work Before Your Move

If you have recently decided to move a long distance, you’re likely going to need to change jobs. Whether you already have new employment opportunities lined up or if you’re taking a break from work to handle your move, you’re going to need to let your current employer know. It’s a good idea to do… View Article
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Changing the Locks on Your New Home in 4 Easy Steps

When you purchase a new home, you are never quite sure who has access to it with the current key set. The previous owners may have given their Aunt Sally a key and forgotten about it, and that is a best-case scenario. Security in your new home should be a top priority since it is… View Article
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4 Tips for Moving in Poor Weather

Moving is one of those projects where it’s easy to feel like everything that can go wrong does go wrong, from miss-timing to issues with utility connections to moving and hauling everything to your new home. When moving day finally arrives, one of the worst issues to encounter is terrible weather. If it rains on… View Article
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