Downsize Your Home. Is it Time?

Five Signs It’s Time to Downsize

You have unused rooms in your current home.

Rooms that you rarely enter unless it’s time to dust and vacuum now and then is a sign its time to downsize.  Having a lot of space to store things like holiday decorations and knick-knacks is handy but maintaining a large house with multiple rooms that go unused is more than just having an extra closet or two.  All that unused space costs you money in heating, cooling, cleaning as well as the taxes you’re paying. You could be spending a lot for nothing.

Maintaining your home is becoming more difficult.

Are you finding it more difficult to keep up with your lawn and landscape? Do you need to hire more home services such as painters, housecleaning experts, lawn companies? If the answer is yes, then it might be time to downsize and consider a smaller space that requires less upkeep. Having to pay for additional help to accomplish what use to be simple tasks is a good indicator that it’s time to downsize.

You own too much.

If you are always on the hunt for misplaced gadgets and things that you’ve stored in your closet, basement or who knows where, you probably have too much stuff. While it is tempting to hang on to every item, gift, or piece of memorabilia to fill up space, downsizing will help you pare down and prioritize what you really need or want to keep.

You live far away from family.

If you find yourself missing too many family milestones in your kids or grandkids life, if you finder it harder to get together for holiday gatherings, or if it’s too far for your family to visit or help care and assist you when you need them, you might want to consider downsizing and moving closer to your loved ones.

Your home value has appreciated.

If your home’s value has skyrocketed to the point where it’s more profitable to cash it in than to keep it, it may be time to downsize. Have a market analysis performed so you can explore both your selling and buying power. Downsizing can mean having more money in the bank so you can enjoy your later years.


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