Moving any time of year is a big job, but moving in the winter presents its own unique challenges. Whether you’re renting or buying, it’s important to remember the harsh realities of moving during the cold or wet season and prepare accordingly. With proper foresight, moving any time of year can be exciting.

If you’re planning a winter move, remember these tips…


If you’re in a snowy area, be sure to shovel all walkways thoroughly the night before the move and again the morning of. Sprinkle sand or salt to ensure that there’s sufficient traction and nobody slips while carrying heavy items.

Allow Extra Time

If you’ve moved before, you probably have a fair idea of how long the process takes. Whether you are a minimalist or have maximum clutter, you probably have had to move before and can navigate the process like a pro. When moving in winter, schedule yourself some extra time to finish. Often the weather slows down the process, and it’s better to move steadily than rush and risk an accident. If you’re renting a truck, consider splurging for an extra half-day or day to be sure you can navigate your move safely.

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Add Wet Weather Protection

Wintertime is wet, no matter where you live. To keep your possessions safe and your security deposit intact, buy extra wet weather protection for both your stuff and your locations. Set down tarps or mats for high traffic areas so that salt and moisture from outside don’t ruin the floors. Splurge on heavy-duty mattress bags that will keep your bed dry during the transition, and consider packing important things in reusable plastic tubs rather than cardboard boxes. These things should keep both your possessions and your properties in tip-top shape.

Standard Moving Practices

Navigating a winter move can demand extra attention, so be sure you’re still doing all the normal moving tasks required of you. Take time to call your utility companies and schedule an address switch for moving day, so you don’t find yourself without heat or electricity on your first night. This is especially important in the wintertime when overnight temperatures can become dangerous if your home doesn’t have heat.

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Call a Moving Company

Moving in the wintertime is no easy task and demands a lot of precautions and attention to detail. If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect, call a local moving company! Paying for someone else to do the heavy lifting is well worth the peace of mind and lack of stress it provides. Moving companies also take the pressure off you when it comes to keeping floors and trucks clean, as they generally have policies in place to do that anyway.

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