What Not to Pack – Your Movers May Not Be Able to Move These Five Items

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Professional local movers are good at what they do. Need a hand with the heavy lifting? Having trouble maneuvering that couch through your front door? Puzzled on how to perfectly fit everything into the truck? Movers are there in all these situations – and more.

There are some things that movers, for one reason or another, cannot help with. This can be for legal, ethical, or logistical reasons. Today, we will be focusing on the few things that movers cannot help you with.

Hazardous Chemicals 

Sorry Walter White, but you’ll need to leave the chemistry lab behind. Movers are prohibited by law from transporting any chemicals that are corrosive, flammable, or explosive. Safety comes first, and certain chemicals put movers and their property at risk.

Prohibited chemicals include (but are not limited to) gasoline, pesticides, fire extinguishers, liquor, nail polish, and bleach, among others.

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Perishable Foods 

Foods that spoil create a liability for the movers. If food goes bad, it can attract pests, which puts movers’ equipment at risk. No mover wants to smell a rotten ham sandwich for the next week, however, this is more than about inconvenience. Bad food can be hazardous.

If you are moving a refrigerator, make sure to clear it out at least 24 hours before the move – unplug it and leave the doors open for it to clear any odors and to decrease the risk of mold growth.

Pets or Livestock 

Pets and animals are another no-go for movers. Even if Rover can sit still for a few hours, there are too many risks involved when moving a live animal. Moving trucks are not properly ventilated for an animal to be comfortable in for hours. They can sometimes get very hot or very cold. Also, pets can be carriers of pests, like fleas and ticks.

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Plants are also prohibited, as they can also be carriers of pests. In fact, there are laws against moving certain plants across state lines due to concerns about spreading certain pests from one state to another. Plus, if a plant dies during transit, it could rot and damage your other belongings.


While some of these may not be officially prohibited from getting moved, it is generally not a good idea to have movers transport anything that cannot be replaced. This includes financial documents, keys, priceless jewelry, sentimental items, medications, credit cards, and other items.

Movers do not want the liability of damaging your priceless family heirloom. Also, if there is a delay in the transport, you may have to go a week or so without your tax returns or your medications.

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