Planning Your Cross-Country Move

8 Tip To Ease the Stress of Your

Cross-Country Move

Reduce and Lighten the Load

Lighten the load of your items by donating gently used items to family, friends or to your non-profit of choice. You can also try selling items via consignment shops or social media marketplaces. Moving companies can charge by weight or by the length of time it takes to load and unload the moving truck. The more there is to load, the greater the cost will be to you. Most cross-country moves can add up to several thousand dollars so you’ll want to save money any way you can. Check here for more tips on how to get rid of items you don’t want.

Manage and Supervise

Your family and friends that is. Enlist others to help the task of packing go more quickly. Show them how to pack a moving box properly and then let them loose! School age children should be able to pack their things with little assistance and once you show them the process, they’ll be better prepared to pack their rooms. For a cross-country move, making sure that non-essentials are packed first, i.e. seasonal items, memorabilia, books…anything they won’t need in the weeks to come, will reduce the stress of packing as moving day nears. Save the essential items for packing last.

Call at Least 3 Moving Companies and Obtain Quotes.

Moving companies vary on the services and pricing structure for cross-country moves. Interviewing at least 3 moving companies will at the very least give you an understanding of how they determine their price. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for any price matching or discounts. Making sure your moving company is licensed and insured is a necessity to prevent you from moving scams. It’s easy to check their U.S. DOT number as well as ask for documentation of insurance. Click here for more tips on finding the right moving company

Check the Condition of Items and Document Them.

It is recommended to take photos or videos of all your belongings as you box them so if anything breaks during your cross-country move, you have proof they were mishandled.  If you need to file a claim for compensation, you’ll have the information you need. Also, investigate purchasing additional moving insurance. Most reputable companies offer basic protection which covers the bare minimum. You can either purchase Full Value Protection with the moving company or go through a third-party insurance company.

Get the Driver’s Contact Number

During your cross-country move, you need to stay up to date with the status of the moving truck. Sometimes, it can take several days for your belongings to arrive to its destination. Ask your moving company to provide some way to communicate with your driver.  At Perrysburg Moving and Hauling, we provide our clients with a link to our GPS Tracking Service that shows  where your truck is at any given time. Check out our GPS Tracking System in action here.

Pack An Essential’s Bag.

If your cross-country move involves overnight stays, you will need a separate bag or suitcase that will not go on the moving truck. Pack anything you will need for an overnight trip including toiletries, medications and extra clothes for you and your family. Packing bottled water and snacks will help stave off hunger when it’s not quite time to stop for a meal. It’s also a good idea to bring important paperwork such as birth certificates and marriage licenses as well as jewelry and other valuables.

Tip Your Movers for a Job Well Done.

Cross-country moves and moving in general can be hard, back breaking work. While tipping isn’t necessary, if you think your movers did an excellent job, tipping shows you appreciate their hard work. Hand each worker their own tip as opposed to one lump sum on the final bill. It shows that you recognize and appreciate their individual efforts. Having cash on hand makes it easier to tip your movers appropriately. Also, having bottled water, snacks or even treating them to lunch is always appreciated.

Examine Your Belongings After Your Move

As you start unpacking, check for damage especially on larger items such as furniture and fragile items such as fine china and dishes. Comparing any damage to the photos you took before the move will make it possible to file a claim based on the coverage you opted for prior to your move.


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