5 Tips to Prepare for Your Spring Move

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Moving can be such a stressful activity, and prepping for a move during spring can seem like a never ending process. For a lot of people, preparing to move is an overwhelming experience. It is a chore that people would rather avoid. The thought of moving may not be your cup of tea. However, when executed correctly, you could experience a move that is free from roadblocks. With the following tips, you may end up enjoying the spring move process.

Make a Checklist

Leaving everything for the very last minute is the primary reason people are stressed out by moving. Right before it’s time to go, you make a mad dash to jam every belonging into boxes without much thought. Ideally, you should create a moving checklist at least a month before the planned moving date. The list will help you feel more accomplished as you tick down one task after the other. And before you know it, you’re ready for moving day.

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Research What Can and Cannot Be Moved

Just because you hired a mover does not necessarily mean they will move anything you want them to. Many moving firms have a laundry list of items they do not want to move for safety reasons.

Some examples are liquids, paints, and chemicals. Similarly, movers may refuse to move items for liability reasons. If you intend to take the things mentioned above, you will have to pack those up and move them yourself.

Organizing Things

Keeping things organized is the key to ensure that your springtime move will be smooth and flawless. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to make lists of things that need to be accomplished. This also includes purchasing the necessary packing supplies, interviewing the right movers, and scheduling the best moving date.

Donate Things You No Longer Need

There is no point in packing and unpacking unused and unwanted items. Forget that it ramps up the expense of moving. It also takes up time and space to do so. Purge unwanted or unnecessary items before you start your spring move.

You can dispose of items by donating them to charity, passing stuff off to friends, and even chucking some unwanted pieces out.

Purchasing Packing Supplies

Some moving companies provide packaging materials along with their transport services. Assuming this was not an option, it’s your job to gather and procure some supplies. Boxes, tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, packing paper, box cutters, scissors, and even a marker to label your items are just some of the things you will need.

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