Pros and Cons of Moving for Each Season


When it comes to moving, there are some common beliefs that some seasons are more convenient for the process than others. However, some families might prefer winter or fall, or may even show some flexibility when moving between seasons. If you want to figure out what’s the best season for you to move, consider the advantages and disadvantages of moving for each season.

Moving in Spring

While spring sees more demand than most of the other seasons, it’s still not as busy as summer, so you may have an easier time scheduling your move. Also, if you move during spring, you will enjoy a more pleasant, warm environment that avoids the exhausting temperatures of the summer.

If you have children attending school, however, spring can become tough. The moving process can disrupt the education of your kids, particularly during finals. Also, if you choose to move during spring, make sure to start the process as early as possible, as the late spring will reach peak activity, leading to less availability and higher prices.

Summer Moving

The summer gives you longer days, so you’ll have more time to stay flexible and productive during your moving process. If you have children, they will usually have summer break, which means you don’t have to worry about interrupting school. Summer is also an excellent time to sell your home.

This season is when moving is in high demand, which leads to greater moving costs and more restrictions in your moving schedule. Also, the humidity and heat of summer can make the moving process unbearable, especially in hotter states like Texas or Florida. Cooler summer mornings are the best times to circumvent that problem.


The fall presents a balance between warm and cold weather. You don’t have to put up with the humid weather of summer, but also don’t have to deal with the cold temperatures and snow of the winter. In addition, fall is not part of the peak moving season, which means you will enjoy lower rates and affordable moving prices when buying a home and hiring a moving company.

The only potential disadvantage you will have during this season is if you have children. The children’s school attendance may become a problem, especially if they must transfer schools in the middle of the semester.

The Winter Move

The cold weather during winter discourages most people from moving. This means there’s less demand for moving companies. Winter provides a perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of a more flexible schedule and cheaper rates.

There is a good reason most people avoid this season. The chilly temperatures will make the work of moving inconvenient, unpleasant and sometimes even dangerous. So there is no best season to move for everyone, but at least knowing the pros and cons can make it easier for you to choose.

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