4 Essential Pre-Move Tasks


Moving day is fast approaching. Do you have everything in order to leave one home for another? This list of pre-move tasks can ease your mind in preparation for your big move.

Important Items and Papers

Did you remember to change your address?
Do you have all the moving boxes you need?
It is important to check off the important items for your move, while maintaining a level of organization that prevents you from forgetting things.

Create a list of important paperwork and must haves that you need to keep with you at all times during the move. These items should go in a bag or suitcase that you keep on your person. This way, no matter what happens during the move, your important items and information are safe with you.


Before moving to your new home, it is imperative that you call to let your current utility and cable/internet company know you are moving. They will need to have the exact date of the move to ensure you are not being billed for services you are not using.

It is also important to call the companies holding the contracts for utilities and cable/internet at your new home to be sure everything is turned on the day you move.

There’s nothing worse than moving into a new home that has no water or electricity because you forgot to call the companies to have it turned on!


You’ve found the best location to move and purchased the house, now what?
It’s time to organize and get rid of your clutter. It’s important to remember that cleaning out your current house and donating or throwing away items you don’t need will be a lot easier than moving everything to the new house and sorting it there. There’s no need to add extra work to your already full plate.

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First Night

​It’s important to make sure your furniture will fit in your new home. You don’t want any surprises when you arrive and find you can only keep your bed and nothing else fits. Measure items before you move to ensure they will work with the space.

It’s also important to create a box and label it “first night” to make sure you have all the essentials. This box will contain any electronics and chargers you may need, your bedding, any special items you must have to sleep at night. Don’t leave anything out if you think it may be required in this box. It’s your first night and you’ll need to be comfortable.

Keep these important check list items in mind when moving and remember to always do your research. There may be other tips out there that could be more specific to your moving situation. Ask your friends or family about their moves and see what tips they can offer. There is no such thing as too much advice when it comes to moving.

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