Streamline Your Moving Process with These Organizational Tips


While moving is certainly never at the top of anyone’s list of favorite activities, proper preparation for your move can result in an experience that might be much less chaotic than you think. In fact, with the right organization, your move could even be enjoyable. However, preparation and organization are key. 

Make your move less of a hassle. Consult the list below of top tips to streamline your moving process:

  • Declutter ahead of time. Proper decluttering takes time and preparation in and of itself, and the best time to begin is the day you decide to move. Take a walk through your home and isolate any collections you may want to downsize, or any items that have gone unused. Set aside those in good condition to sell, donate, or give away.
  • Purge during your move. If you run across items you haven’t used in a while, or items that are broken, outdated, or otherwise unusable, purge them. Don’t move items you won’t use in the new home.
  • Have packing supplies at the ready. Well before moving day, ensure you have an adequate stock of boxes, packing paper, tape, scissors and markers, as well as anything else you think you may need. If possible, you can begin packing little-used items well in advance of your move.
  • Pre-plan the placement in your new home. Take a walk-through of your new home and note ideal locations for furniture and groups of items (i.e., items from a playroom or craft room). Make sure you have a corresponding place in your new home for each piece of furniture or box of items from your old home. In addition, take some measurements to ensure that giant sofa will actually fit down the stairs on its way to your new family room.
  • Label everything. Labeling goes hand in hand with pre-planning your object placement. Once you’ve identified the space you have to work with, label each box as you pack it so you or your movers will be able to put it in its final location at the new home. You’ll save a great deal of effort rearranging and replacing boxes at your new place.

​While unforeseen circumstances are bound to occur, proper planning will allow you to deal with the unexpected much more efficiently. Above all, whether you’re in the planning, packing, moving, or unpacking stage, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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