Understanding How a Moving Company Charges


Different moving companies can give vastly different quotes to prospective clients. You may have an impulse to go with the cheapest option, but it’s important to remember that cheaper is not always better. Sometimes a low quote can mean you’re more likely to have a bad experience. If you’ve decided to hire professional movers, you should have an idea of what to expect when it comes to billing.

How Movers Bill for Their Services

Most moving companies charge for their services, time, and equipment, but they don’t all bill the same. For example, one mover may offer a flat rate for the use of the moving truck and for transporting your stuff from one place to another, and then bill you for each hour of the moving team’s labor on top of it. Most movers charge for mileage too; moving across the neighborhood will be much cheaper than moving across the country. Some movers may also bill additional charges and fees such as:

  • Appliance fees to ensure the mover has the right equipment to handle moving large appliances like refrigerators and laundry machines.
  • Expedited service rates to guarantee a move finishes by a specified date and time.
  • Elevator carry charges if you’re moving to any type of high-rise building that requires the movers to use an elevator for each trip.
  • Flight charges, which are extra charges for each flight of stairs the movers need to climb to finish a move-in.
  • Packing and unpacking service charges.

Some moving companies offer very low “flat” rates, tempting promotional offers and other incentives, but these movers may not have the necessary licenses, certifications, or insurance to handle the job correctly and safely.

Other moving companies may charge a customer a deposit then never show up to do the job. Other movers may not explain the full amount of charges you will face until they hand you an invoice after completing a job. Working with the “cheapest” mover can end up costing the customer much more than anticipated.

How Realtors Can Improve Client Moves

Realtors should consider taking the time to research local movers and cultivate strong relationships with reputable moving companies. Offering home buyers an inside connection to one of the best movers in the area will strengthen your relationships with your customers, streamline their move-ins, and help navigate your clients to the movers who offer the most value.

Going with the cheapest bid is rarely the best idea. Homeowners can find great deals on moving services from some reputable service providers, but it is essential to verify credentials and pricing before agreeing to any moving service contract. Realtors can investigate local movers to determine which ones offer the most value for their services, and it’s vital to be perfectly clear about a mover’s prices before forming any type of partnership.

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