How to Choose the Best Mover in Toledo


Although the occupation of mover is pretty much the same everywhere, not all movers have equal reputations. There are basic aspects of movers which the savvy consumer should consider before contracting with any local moving company in the Toledo area. Keep reading for advise on how to choose the best mover in Toledo.

The Best Mover Is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

In some states, a moving company that is bonded is a requirement to obtain a license, which is an authorization to do business in a specific area. “Bonded” means that the mover has purchased a “surety bond,” which is an insurance policy which protects the owner of the property. Insurance is the guarantee that, should damage happen, the party with damaged property will receive compensation.

Check into Ratings Online

Resources such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Yahoo, Google, and the Better Business Bureau are great resources to find the best mover in Toledo. These ratings and reviews can tell you the company’s business model, the employees they hire, and which companies to avoid. Research three different companies and weigh the pros and cons of each.

Make Sure They Are Who They Say They Are

Some movers contract under different names, which is a way to avoid negative ratings with the Better Business Bureau or other rating sites. A way to detect if there is anything amiss is to verify that the moving company has an address, they are physically located there, and that they have a dedicated phone line. When you call, make sure the company name the person answers with is the same company with which you are doing business.

Get Everything in Writing and Have Copies

Make sure everything from inventory (which the contractor/mover should go over with you ahead of time) is correct and complete. Do not sign anything blank. Make sure everyone is aware of their responsibilities under the contract and make sure they uphold everything promised in the contract. Keep important documents with you in a visible, brightly colored folder. This folder will stay with you the entire time – make sure it does not get packed.

Beware of Large Deposits

No legitimate moving company will ask you to deposit any money over 20 percent of the estimated cost. There are even movers who do not require payment until everything arrives to your new home. Find out what the company policy is before signing agreements.

Finding a responsible, ethical mover might require some extra detective work, but the ultimate outcome of a successful move is worth the effort.

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