How to Talk To Your Kids about a Move


The moving process requires a lot of preparation to be successful. This includes talking to your children about moving to a new area, having a new home, and leaving behind neighborhood friends and a familiar community. These conversations can be difficult and require the right approach to minimize the amount of stress on your child. The following suggestions can help you talk to your children about a potential move and make it a positive experience for the whole family.

Let Them Know Early

When you finalize the decision to move, it is time to break the news to the rest family, particularly the children, especially if they were not involved in the process. The best time to deliver the news is as soon as possible. Hold a family meeting and let them know about the move in a safe, welcoming environment. By doing this, the children will know that you respect them enough to tell them immediately and alongside the family, rather than being the last ones to find out.

Allow Them to Process the News

Depending on the age of the child and his or her connection to the house and community, he or she might become upset, voice displeasure, and generally lash out. This is a normal, emotional reaction to a drastic life change. Keep in mind your children are likely to have a sentimental attachment to the house or neighborhood, and they may be facing separation from beloved friends or family members. Make sure that their emotions and voice are heard and respected. Children process grief at their own pace, but it usually takes six months for them to fully accept the situation.

Continue the Daily Routine

A benefit of sharing the news as early as possible is that there is likely a large time gap between the announcement and the actual moving date, ranging from weeks to months. Help each child process the news by sticking to regular family routines. The sense of normalcy can help the child normalize the new status, as well as seek comfort in his or her old lifestyle before the family moves to a new home.

Involve Them in the Moving Process

One of the best ways to help your children cope with this new change is by involving them in the moving process. Children in a more active role have an easier time acclimating to the new status quo and feel more respected when they have a role to fulfill. Arrange regular meetings to discuss the moving status, inform them about the steps in the moving process, and answer all their questions. You can even let them help in any age appropriate way.

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