Moving a Family with Young Children

Moving Tips

The daily routine of a parent with young kids is hectic. Even the most organized person can find themselves in the midst of chaos at any given moment when the routines and environment of the little people in the house is changed ever so slightly. Anyone who has ever moved with young kids knows the challenge of balancing the productivity of getting things packed up, while also keeping the necessities on hand for ultimate family survival until the move is complete. If you are new to moving with kids, picture this: boxes that you just packed now unpacked by your little helpers, packing tape stuck to things that should never see adhesives, valuables you can’t locate weighed out by an overabundance of random stuff you will never need scattered about. Scary? Perrysburg Moving and Hauling is a family owned business. Our crew loves to be part of your moving experience. We have worked with hundreds of families during their move. Here are some tips to help you survive moving with kids.

Prepare For Moving In Advance: 

Once you know a move is in your near future start planning ahead with these tips. -Start taking mental notes of the lesser thought of but equally important things that you need to have access to everyday. Things such as baby lotion and ointment, booster seats, kids hair brush……..if you use it several times a week take note of it so when it comes time to pack you can leave it in an accessible location. -Also take note of things that you rarely use. These items will be the first you can pack up later on. -Start talking to your kids now about what’s to come. Let them know there will be a transition period where some of their toys will be packed up and not available. Let older kids be part of the planning process and help younger kids to envision what will be taking place. -Donate and discard! In the weeks before you start packing if you come across items you no longer need, now is the time to get rid of them for good. -Buy a few small storage containers (the shoebox size from the dollar store are great) and mark them with labels. Fill them with just a minimal amount of items to get you through the day or days when you will be in the craziness of the actual move. Always keep these in your possession throughout the move for quick access. Starting these boxes early will give you time to really think it through. 1) Emergency Items: Age appropriate Tylenol. Band-Aids. One backup pacifier “just in case”. Those amazing liquid gas meds for babies. Teething cream. 2) Used Daily: Travel size or small quantities of the everyday items such as toothbrush and paste, prescription meds, vitamins, diapers and wipes. 3) Special Reward Box: Pick up a few small age appropriate surprises to give to the kids as a reward for good behavior during the move. Stickers, candy, small toys, coloring books.

Start Packing: 

You have your moving date and your timeline is in place. Their little worlds are about to be boxed up. Where do you start? -Start with the items that are already stored away. Outgrown toys and games, clothes and gear. Warning. If they see it, the trip down memory lane will have them dragging it back out of the boxes. Tackle the boxing up of the stored items during nap time or while they are at school. Clearly mark all boxes as a non-priority item to help pace yourself with the unpacking at the new house. -Pick one reasonable sized box and let them fill it with their favorite toys, books, stuffed animals and other items. This will be the last box that gets taped shut. All other toys and items go into boxes for immediate sealing. -Set aside enough of their clothing to get you through the transition and box up all others.

Moving Day: 

It’s exciting and fun and emotional and chaotic all at once. It’s good to let the kids be part of the excitement and it helps to provide closure on leaving behind the previous home. However, having young kids under foot can not only slow down the process but cause dangerous situations. Consider letting young kids move a few of their items into the new house and then have a grandparent or friend take them for the day to do something special. Shopping for some new items for their new room can help keep them engaged in the excitement without having them in the path of the move. Like nearly everything with parenting, you have to learn as you go. What works for one family may result in a complete parental flop for others. Planning ahead and considering the individual ages and personalities of your kids will help all of you make the move a smooth and memorable experience. Perrysburg Moving and Hauling is here to help you every step of your move!

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