3 Tips for Professionally Giving Your Notice at Work Before Your Move

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If you have recently decided to move a long distance, you’re likely going to need to change jobs. Whether you already have new employment opportunities lined up or if you’re taking a break from work to handle your move, you’re going to need to let your current employer know. It’s a good idea to do so professionally and respectfully.

While most employment arrangements in the U.S. function on an at-will basis, it’s still a good idea to give proper notice to your current employer that you’re planning to leave. In some cases, giving notice may be a requirement of an employment contract, but ultimately, it’s just good form.

Keep the following tips in mind as you prepare to give your employer notice before your move:

Provide Advance Notice

The typical standard for informing an employer that you intend to leave is two weeks, but more notice is generally better if you can give it because it lets your employer prepare to fill your empty seat. Your employer will appreciate the extra preparation time your advance notice provides.

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Notify Your Supervisor in Person

While an email or phone call may seem easier, it’s a good idea to offer your supervisor the respect and courtesy that comes with an in-person notification that you intend to leave. Again, do this between six and two weeks of your planned departure, and be prepared to discuss your reasons for leaving your job.

Be Honest

Moving is an exciting opportunity to make new friends, experience a new place, and seek new job prospects. Let your employer know why you have decided to move, whether it’s to be closer to relatives, a new job opportunity, or simply for a change of pace in a new place. Your employer should appreciate your honesty.

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These tips should help you have a more comfortable transition out of your current job and into the moving process. Providing your employer with adequate time to prepare for your departure and informing them respectfully and in person may increase the chances of a letter of recommendation or favorable review.

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